amaia was here


"Amaia was here" is a project which was thought and designed to be shown at the Miscelanea Gallery.
From the 5th of July, 2012, to the 30th of January I did a drawing every day. I spent seven months strolling around , listening to others´conversations, trying to read the lips of the people who were chatting far away, trying to understand their glances, trying to understand situations, watching the time go by, the seasons, noticing hidden buildings and so on.
I wanted to make a drawing of my life as a new-comer to Barcelona, as a designer. It is a new city that welcomed me warm heartedly, which I can understand much better thanks to this experiment.
When the show was over I thought that it was worth it to show the drawings to anyone who wanted to see them. Wherever he or she is. Let´s share them. Because although this project is mine, I feel that it is also everybody´s. 
And if that person is you, I hope you enjoy the drawings as much as I did when I made them.